A journey vs a destination

We went to New York City today. I had one thing on my list for the day. Go to Katz’s deli for Pastrami on Rye. Everyone I spoke to told me it was well worth the trip. We walked from Time Square to Katz’s Deli (on east Houston for those who care). It’s about 2.7 miles/4.4 km. We then queued for 15 minutes paid $15 for one sandwich and got, what I would call, a fairly ordinary sandwich. In fact if it wasn’t for the mustard I would say it was a pretty boring sandwich. After which we then had to queue again to pay for the sandwich.

Now I’m sure there is some reason as to why Katz’s has so many people queuing to experience their Pastrami on Rye but I’m not sure that I understand that reason. I’m not saying this to be negative but more to say unless you’re walking past the entrance and feel like a $15 sandwich you would be best to spend your time in New York doing something else.

Having said that, I really enjoyed the walk to Katz’s. For me, what I enjoy most about New York City is not the tourist attractions but the experience of discovery. I love walking around and stopping and looking at interesting things. I love going into random parks, I love watching the variety of people that walk the New York streets, I love the logical layout (so far I’ve not been lost in New York), I love turning a corner and being somewhere so familiar because I’ve seen it movies a thousand times and I love getting on the bus and coming back to the quietness of the Lake house.

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