My London Cupcake Crawl

Last week  my husband, aka Rock Star*, and I went on a cupcake crawl through the streets of London. The mission was to find London’s Best Cupcakery. We chose 7 cupcakeries to visit (not sure that cupcakeries is a word but it sounds good so I’m going with it). There was some discussion between Rock Star and I as to how many cupcakes one could eat in a day – I felt that 10 was quite within in my grasp – Rock Star (who has a lot more self discipline than me) was thinking he might max out at 3. Mind you he’d never been on a cupcake crawl before. (Neither had I, but I had been planning this for a long time and wasn’t about to let something like self discipline get in the way of a good cupcake)

We visited :

  • Candy Cakes
  • Cox Cookies and Cake
  • Ella’s Bakehouse
  • Hummingbird Bakery
  • Lola’s Cupcake and Coffee Bar
  • Peggy Porschen Cakes
  • Primrose Bakery
  • We gave ourselves  7 hours to cover the 7.4 km route (that’s 4.6 miles).

    It was amazing the variety between all the cupcakeries. From the beautiful Peggy Porschen Cakes (look at those pretty flowers)

    to the modern Cox Cookies and Cake (kind of like eating cupcakes at a nightclub)

    The lurid colours at Candy Cakescontrasted with the understated colours at Primrose Bakery. (How good do those Brownies look – sadly  I didn’t get to try any as they aren’t classed as cupcake)

    The flavours were varied. There were simple flavours like the Hummingbird Bakery Chocolate Sponge with Vanilla Buttercream

    and more adventurous flavours such as Lola’s Cupcakes and Coffee Bar serving a Rocky Road cupcake. Some cupcakes were a bit dry for my liking such as the Primrose Bakery Lime and Coconut cupcake, although the frosting was great. (Do you think it is classed as a health food due to it having fruit in it?)

    Some had a little too much frosting (this is where self discipline could come in – I mean I didn’t have to eat all the frosting but for “research” purposes I felt I should).

    While others such as Candy Cakes had gone for a more traditional style thin icing.

    My favourite overall cupcake (that’s cake and frosting combination) came from Ella’s Bakehouse. It was a Coffee Sponge with Espresso Buttercream. (Coffee and Cupcake – what an awesome combination!)

    Best Icing/Frosting went to Peggy Porschen Cakes. All three cupcakes that we tried there had lighter-than-air frosting in perfect ratio to the cake. Look how pretty it looks! I could probably eat a whole bowl of the stuff.

    Best cake went to Hummingbird Bakery for its moist chocolate sponge. (We actually didn’t eat this one until after dinner, due to being slightly overcaked. Even then, it was still moist)
    The Best Overall Experience Award went to Peggy Porschen Cakes, as did the Best Ambience.

    The staff there were great. They even gave me an extra cupcake when they found out I was on a cupcake crawl.

    If it’s possible to have a cupcakery crush then I think I have one on Peggy Porschen Cakes. I love her logo –

    and look at the attention to detail – she even has Peggy Porschen sugar bowls

    along with making her own jam and tea.

    Plus, look at the amazing wedding cake that’s on display in the store – see what I mean about a cupcakery crush?

    The Best Variety of Flavours was awarded to Ella’s Bakehouse (I also loved the rose piping on some of the cupcakes)
    Cox Cookies and Cake received the Most Interesting Flavour Award for their Cola Cake (Chocolate and Cola flavoured with a hint of Chili). It was served with Hot Chocolate Shots and Popping Cola Candy (ooh I just remembered I still have a packet in my handbag – excuse me just a minute while I go and find it)
    In the end we visited 7 cupcakeries and tried ten different cupcakes – it turns out there is a limit to how many cupcakes you can eat in a day. I’m keen to do the crawl again and try some other flavours, maybe even up the quantity in a day – 10 halves, which in the end is only 5 cupcakes does seem a little weak. What is your favourite flavour of cupcake? Do you have any suggestions of other cupcakeries to visit?
    * I just need to point out that my husband has not asked to be called Rock Star – nor is his actual name Rock Star. However, so that I don’t incriminate him in my blog, I have chosen “Rock Star” as his code name (oooh sounds like we’re part of the secret service now)

    5 thoughts on “My London Cupcake Crawl

    1. Great suggestion for would-be brides, decade birthdays, little kids’ parties, reunions etc. Now Sydney, where are all the cupcakeries?
      The written commentary is also inspiring, ‘Cup Cake Queen’ – you are the best advocate for UK cupcakeries! What an import they have now!


    2. LOVED the London Cupcake Crawl – sitting here dreaming of cupcakes instead of working!!!! You must keep your blog updated of what you are up to. I stumbled across the ColdPlay blog today – one of the roadies updates it now and then and it is very interesting. You could do the same!!! Hope you are travelling well and wish I could join you on the next cupcake crawl – sounds positively wonderful!!! Love Kathryn


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