Smiling in the Rain

This week the weather in England has been glorious. We’ve had gorgeous sunshine, warm breezes and I’ve been able to wear some of my summer clothes. However, there is rumours that it may snow next week.

This truly scares me.

How will I manage the English weather as it turns colder?

I’ve been told that from November,  England is mainly grey sky and drizzle.

So I  have had to come up with a plan.


I got me a secret weapon.


Would you like to see it?


I bought this umbrellas cause it makes me smile.

When I put it up I feel happy. So now rainy=happy.

Look how pretty it is with rain drops on it.


And it smells like childhood. Kind of chemically – like permanent marker or the stencil machine. Not sure if it’s the best thing to be inhaling. It adds to the fun of the umbrella though.

It even has cupcakes on it.

It has taken me a long time to find the right umbrella – I got this one from here
It’s not totally perfect as it won’t fit in my handbag so, for the occasions I need a handbag size umbrella, I got this one…


It’s all pink and frilly.

Now I just need to get some gumboots (wellingtons) to match.

5 thoughts on “Smiling in the Rain

  1. Lovely Ali! You are such a coper! The brollies are gorgeous and make me smile, too. Essential equipment for rainy days is a brolly you are happy with.
    Not sure about the gumboots – aka wellies, galloshes – need to be fur-lined for the cold weather. Uggs with PVC spring to mind! Now there’s a market you could get into!


  2. Well, in true English Weather style you probably got the chance to use both today! I heard it start at about 6am and it seems to have not stopped raining since! Now, get those wellies!


  3. I think we may need to borrow the brolly this weekend in Sydney.It has been cold,dull and wet. Not at all like Spring. I do think however that if you are looking for a bigger handbag you must be getting old.I only hope you find one with a long strap.


    1. @Judy. The great thing about wearing overcoats here are the deep pockets. Sometimes I don’t even need a handbag thus I am getting younger 🙂
      @Sarah- Thanks for the tip. Missing you too.
      @Alice- I’ve realised that England wouldn’t be the beautiful green it is without the huge amounts of rain therefore I’m going to remember the grass is greener where it’s raining.
      @Lee – I found a pair of boots that would work in -20F (around -30F). Sadly they weren’t in my size. Will just have to wear lots of pairs of socks instead.


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