A New Friend

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.

His name is Albert.

I’m normally not into teddy bears. They’re a little bit too cutesy for me but Albert is our way of staying in touch with our nieces and nephews as well as other children we’re friends with.

We’ve been taking photos of Albert as we’ve been travelling. We then send the photos to our nieces and nephews  (at this point I’d just like to say I only recently learned how to spell nieces. To be honest I still only get it right about 50 percent of the time).

He had coffee at Buckingham Palace:


He visited a safari park (this is a real live camel – the camel even left a slobber mark on the window in his attempt to eat Albert)

He made a long distance call from a red phone box

And he enjoyed an ice cream in Camden markets.

Last week Albert and I didn’t do any travelling (as I was ill) so this is how our week was spent.


3 thoughts on “A New Friend

    1. @ants – certainly no photoshopping involved (I’m still trying to work out how to crop photos). Albert is just super photogenic.
      @Lee – looking forward to seeing the photos soon


  1. We have a photo of Albert – at Terrigal today! He was almost Birthday Albert but he didn’t want to upstage Paul. Sending soon….


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