Mission Delectable

This week I am on a mission.

It involves a number of recipes.

 A stack of butter

 Many spoonfuls of sugar

 A butt-load of eggs (Is that concept too visual?)

 Mountains of flour

And  Finally, a rainbow of cupcake liners.

 The Mission?

To find the best Vanilla Cupcake recipe around.

 It will mean baking and tasting six different batches of vanilla cupcakes, but for the good of  you my dear blog readers, I am willing to take on this mission.

Come back soon to find out the results of this delectable mission.

4 thoughts on “Mission Delectable

    1. @Lee – If only I knew someone here who was on a gluten free diet. Perhaps you need to come to England for me to try all the recipes out on you Lee.
      @sarah and @kathryn – I’ll be posting to best recipe this week so then you could make a batch for yourselves – that way you don’t have to wade through all the less-than-best cupcakes.


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