The Pie that almost wasn’t

For two weeks now I’ve been planning to make a meat pie from scratch.

I’ve never made a meat pie before.

I’m not really much of a meat fan either to be honest

(and cutting raw meat is up there on my list of most detested kitchen tasks along with emptying the garbage bin and cleaning out the fridge. I do however quite enjoy cleaning the stove top – does that make me odd?).

However, I decided if I was going to be serious about saying I was a Bakeician (a new term I just came up with but I’ve decided I’m going to go with it – much catchier than saying “someone who enjoys all kinds of baking”) then I couldn’t only bake sweet stuff. So my first entry into savoury baking was to be this meat pie.

But it seemed that this pie was not meant to be.

First off I couldn’t work out when to make it. I was going to do it about 3 times but other things came up.

Secondly, I finally set aside the time to make the meat filling but as I unwrapped the meat an awful smell came from the meat. Even though it was still in date, the meat was most definitely off (the lady at the supermarket agreed when I took it back to complain – poor lady). So my plan to make the pie had to be rescheduled again.

Thirdly, this morning (after getting fresh meat), the first ingredient I got out was the flour, which I then proceeded to drop the entire canister of flour all over the floor.

Fourthly, I spent ten minutes looking for the white bowl of onions only to discover the onions were in a red bowl.

And finally, I was unable to work out why the oven was not hot after 20 minutes only to realise I hadn’t even turned the oven on.

I wasn’t going to take a photo as I didn’t think the pie looked very pretty (in the end I took the photo after we’d eaten most of the pie) But I had baked a pie. And it tasted great! Even those who don’t really like mushrooms (which were in the pie) still enjoyed it. Most importantly though, I feel like I’ve achieved something.

Previously, I would have thrown the apron in at any of those obstacles but today I pushed through. I’ll become a bakeician yet.

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