How to Prewarm Cups


I always thought pre-warming cups was something posh people did.

I am not posh – I drink Coke Zero straight from the can, I use my hands to eat pizza and I have been known to serve butter straight from the container -however, I discovered if you want your hot chocolate really hot then you need to pre-warm your cups.

If you want your coffee to stay hot you should pre-warm your cups.

And if you’re one of those strange people who drinks warm cordial/squash/Ribena you should pre-warm your cups.

The moral to the story being, if you want your drink to stay hot longer pre-warm your cups.

If you’re a Β non-poshy’s who doesn’t know how to prewarm cups let me explain.

  1. Pour boiling water into your cup
  2. Wait one minute
  3. Pour the boiling water out of your cup
  4. Pour in your coffee/tea/chocolate/Ribena/Bovril

You now know how to do something posh. Congratulations!

8 thoughts on “How to Prewarm Cups

  1. I think poppa has had more of an influence than you realise.He has always been pedantic about warmed cups.Ithink you had best start planning for a new style of nursing home now that serves HOT food on pre warmed plates. It could be a new move in old folks homes for all your blog followers.



  2. Since posh is not a word I know either to spell or to pronounce and certainly not to use unless in connection with spice, I have this non-posh alternative: use a thermos flask.


  3. @Nic – A thermos is not a bad idea – although I like to prewarm them too πŸ™‚ Maybe only people who aren’t posh know the word posh (it’s kind of like fancy or classy if that helps at all). I hear you were at one of the bands gigs! Disappointed I didn’t get to meet you. Oh well we will be back again soon!


  4. You don’t do anything half-heartedly, do you? πŸ™‚
    I have no patience for anything in life.
    I made this cake last month for my mum-in-law who ran her first marathon. There was supposed to be a cross-country kinda track lined with little stones, some grass here and there and, the main part, a marathon runner. That totally didn’t work out because I didn’t look into it at all and just assumed marzipan would work. Well.. it didn’t. So I had hubby make a running shoe instead. Not quite the same effect plus I lost interest when I realized I couldn’t colour the marzipan and had to ice the whole cake… and for that I used too much water so it looks all runny.
    It did, however, taste absolutely fantastic!

    re posh: I was joking, but thanks πŸ˜‰


  5. @Nic – Love it! That’s the sort of thing that happens to me all the time. I start many projects that I don’t finish or that I get so bored of half way through I don’t want to finish. I’m sure at some stage I blog about them. but right now I can’t be bothered as I’m so bored of them.


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