A week in the life of a Rockstar Wife

Being a Rockstar wife has it’s challenges, but most of the time it’s a pretty awesome gig. Let me give you an example of my last week. These are just some of the highlights


Saturday –Fischen, Germany

Get up and admire view out window.

Walk into town with Rockstar to local bakery for coffee and pastries. When you are a Rockstar wife in Germany it is necessary to eat a lot of pastry. It’s what good Rockstar wives do.

Go for a Spa and Sauna at the hotel for a few hours.

Read a book while boys go to a gig.

Finish book and realise my laptop battery is flat and there is no power converter or English literature available at this time of night.

Go to bed at 9pm


Sunday – Fischen, Germany

Walk into town for more coffee and pastries

Go for a walk in the mountains and drink from a stream. I normally am not a fan of walking unless it’s for coffee, however on this occasion I had a stick. This made walking much more interesting. Plus we got to see this amazing tree.

Relax from walk in the spa.

Go for a sauna

Monday – Hohenschwangau and Ulm, Germany

Drive to Neuschwanstein Castle. (The Disney castle is based on this one).

Tour Neuschwanstein Castle.

Go to Christmas Markets and drink Gluhwein.  (OK so we don’t do this every week but it was pretty darn awesome to be able to do it).


Tuesday – Fischen and Munich, Germany

Go for Spa and Sauna. Hang out by the pool reading.

Drive to Munich and check into hotel.

We  were meant to be going backstage at another band’s gig but unfortunately the gig was cancelled at the last minute.

Go out for a German Meal of Pork Knuckle and Dumplings at traditional German Beer Hall (a bit too much meat for an ex vegetarian).


WednesdayMunich, Germany and Manchester, United Kingdom

Wander around Munich for the day with Rockstar. Check out the amazing window displays.

Consume a number of coffees in an effort to stay warm. Consume a number of pastries so the coffees don’t get lonely in my stomach

Go to Munich airport and kill time until we board our flight.

Fly to Manchester and drive back to our current home







Thursday Lancashire, United Kingdom

Get up at 10.30am

Make a Christmas Pudding to send home to Australia.


FridayLiverpool, United Kingdom

Drive to Liverpool.

Go Christmas shopping (yes I have almost bought all the presents – high five for me).

Perform First Aid on an 86 year old lady who has fallen over.

Wait for Ambulance.

Go to the band’s gig (that’s the stamp on my hand I got at the venue).


So that’s this week.

Three of the band members have returned to Australia for Christmas now so it’s just Rockstar and I for the next couple of months. During that time Rockstar is planning on songwriting and I’m planning on baking and doing a ridiculous amount of Christmas craft. I’ll be blogging about a couple of these shortly. In the meantime I’m off to order my last few Christmas presents online.

9 thoughts on “A week in the life of a Rockstar Wife

  1. Ali!! You sound like you are having far too much fun and delicious treats! The only thing I’m not jealous of is the cold weather!!! Miss you & your rockstar hubby!! Xxx


  2. What an awesome week!

    That tree is well cool. It won’t quite be Christmas here without your decorations and baking and enthusiasm. I hope to see posts about such things!


  3. @Kat – Definitely too much pastry 🙂 So far I’m coping fine with the cold – I just wear two Parka’s – I look like the Michelin Man but I’m warm.
    @Kristen – You will have to take over in the Christmas enthusiasm. Perhaps decorate the Rabbit Hutch with a mini Christmas Tree. IN England you can get Advent Calendars for your pet.
    @Alice – The picture was taken on my rubbish camera – imagine how mad it would look on my new fancy camera
    @Mick – We’ll be in London over Christmas/New Year. Will let you know if we end up in your area.


  4. You sound like you are having a blast!!!!
    i need more cooking blogs from you cos you are my inspiration
    for my friends this year i am doing a tin of yummy things…i have a receipe that i think will be funky but have to test it out. will keep you posted on what ends up in the tin!


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