The Christmas Tyrant

So I have a bit of a reputation in my family as being a Christmas Tyrant.

It is true I am fairly obsessive about which red can be used on the Christmas table (Not all reds are created equal). And I am a teensy bit critical of a family member’s use of tinsel when decorating. Also, I do cringe a little at my unnamed relative who is still bringing out decorations from the 70’s but – it’s only because I spend most of the year thinking about Christmas. Not actually doing anything to prepare mind you – just thinking about everything I’m gonna do. (Note I couldn’t put up any pictures of the aforementioned decorations as they make me feel ill, so you get to look at some shots of my Christmas village instead)


This normally means that poor Rockstar (and my mum, my friends and anyone who dares to let me use their kitchen) spend most of Christmas surrounded by my mess.

I tend to make at least

6 litres of Christmas pudding.

7 kilograms of Gingerbread,

1 Advent Calendar (this year I’ve made three already)

a pile of decorations

and some Christmas presents

Plus I only start on these projects around the 28th November.

There is a certain level of frantic-ness about it. But to me that’s part of what I love. I love spending every day in December in preparation for Christmas so that when Christmas day comes I can sit back and enjoy all that I (and the people I’ve dragged in to help me) have created.

So if my blogging over the next few weeks is a bit haphazard I apologise. I’m hoping to give a tutorial on how to make a gingerbread house and also one on how to make a Christmas Pudding. I also have a few other projects to share with you but for now I’m just going to take a minute to drink a cup of tea, inhale the smell of gingerbread permeating the house and dream about all the projects I will fit in over the next 20 days.

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Tyrant

  1. wowza ali, i too dream of baking goodies and wrapping and giving them away…am about to make bran muffins for q. does that count? the blog is fantastic by the way love reading it xx


  2. Yes, Ali! You know yourself well and we love you for who you are and especially your creativeness. Now – I have to go and check the tinsel, the 70’s decorations and any red in the Christmas box! Feeling I may be one of those with a(dis)honourable mention. I think I’ve finally stopped using decorations made by the boys at school – not sure though. Love, Lee


  3. @Naomi – Bran muffins are NOT christmas food 🙂 Perhaps if you add a dash of ground ginger and some cinnamon then it will count. Always good too add brandy as well if really wanting the flavours of Christmas 😉
    @Lee – My lips are sealed 🙂 Don’t forget to hang the decorations we left for you this year.


  4. Not sure if the guilty party will be reading your blog so maybe he can remain ignorant for a few more years. Have fun with it all. I have just made my 6th xmas pud and on to 12th dozen mince pies. Could it be genetic??
    love mum


    1. @JudyCork – perhaps it is genetic. I’ve been reminding myself though that tacky decorations don’t reduce the fun you can have at Christmas. Christmas is about us all being with people you love and thinking about God’s love in sending Jesus. This is much more important than whether the serviettes match the baubles. Thanks for so many amazing Christmas’s. love you.


  5. Alison, what an amazing blog, love it, and just discovered it (via Facebook), and love how you get all obsessed with christmas doings, what better times to get obsessed:)


    1. @Maria True- Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. This year I’m trying to obsess less about Chritmas decorations and take time to enjoy the people. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s more important for people to feel relaxed than awed by my Christmas decorations. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.


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