How to build a gingerbread house (part 3)

I’ve been planning this post for a while. I thought that after giving you a few tips on how to bake gingerbread, I would then show you how to assemble your gingerbread house. However, as I checked my facebook the other day I noticed that Sweetopia (one of my blogging heroes) had just done an amazing post on how to make a gingerbread house. So I thought instead, I would send you over to Sweetopia to see how it is done. Gingerbread Houses

Now before you head over to her blog, let me just warn you that Sweetopia (aka Marian) produces amazing work. She puts pretty much everyone else to shame. I’ve spent many an hour looking through her blog despairing at my lack of talent. At times it’s made me want to put down my piping bag and never bake again. I mean look at her gingerbread houses!

More of Sweetopia’s Gingerbread Houses

Have you ever seen anything more perfect? I’ve been making gingerbread houses for years and mine never look anywhere near that good. In fact, after looking at her posts on gingerbread houses, I felt like giving up on constructing my own. But then I reconsidered. I asked myself  – why do I make gingerbread houses?

My house is the unfinished one in the middle – the others are by the lovely Vic and the lovely Alice
This one of Sweetopia’s is soooo pretty!

The answer – because it’s fun, and tasty, and fun.  It would be great if I could create gingerbread houses that looked like this, rather than this:

OK admittedly my niece made this one – I only helped

But you know what? Mine still tastes good!

I still have fun with my friends when we get together to construct them.

My lovely best friend and I have been making gingerbread houses together for years.

My nieces and nephews still think it’s amazing that they get to eat a house made out of cookies and candy.

I’m not sure whether she is in awe of this gingerbread house or just freaked out by that leaning chimney.

Each year I get to go shopping for a whole heap of sweets to stick on my home-cooked gingerbread and that’s a tradition I’m not going to stop.

Check out how much chocolate I got on this baby!
So head over to Sweetopia to get tips on how to construct your gingerbread house but remember the most important thing is that you have fun building your own! And here’s my handy home hint – when constructing your gingerbread house, use sterile dressmaking pins to hold the gingerbread house together while the icing dries (make sure you count how many pins you use – and take them out before you wrap the house).

Enjoy – however you decorate your gingerbread house. And have a very happy Christmas!


3 thoughts on “How to build a gingerbread house (part 3)

  1. You create amazing looking GB Houses, Rockstar Wife. Don’t sell yourself short!! Also, the more chocolates and lollies, the better!


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