I am Nomad

We’ve been living in London for less than a month now. We were renting an apartment from a friend while he was overseas. Suddenly we got a message from him. He was coming home early! This left us once again with nowhere to stay. I was upset. I was going to have to pack again. Then I decided to try and get some perspective. Rock star and I have chosen to pursue this dream. We’ve chosen not to take the normal path where we could have a job, a home, a kitchen, a mortgage.

And then I got to thinking I spend so much time thinking about not having a house to bake in and decorate and I realised… I have my whole life to bake, my whole life to make a home for myself, my whole life to read recipe books and redecorate. Right now though I’m in London, one of the most amazing cities in the world. I’m moving to Germany for a few months in just a couple of weeks. I’m living the life so many people dream of and all I can think about is that my life sucks cause I don’t have somewhere to put a kitchenaid.

And so I decided it’s time to get real, this year I am going to embrace being a nomad. I’m going to lighten my suitcase. I’m going to stop trying to build a home everywhere I  lay my head. I am a traveller and so I’m no longer going to try and fit a whole house into my luggage. I need to focus on travelling and spend less time packing and unpacking(I often lose a day packing and another unpacking –sometimes even more). So from here on I’m going to focus on this awesome adventure I’m on.

Every item I pack must fit into one of five categories


This does not mean things that could make my life more comfortable (like cushions and silk sheets) but the things that are needed to get through the day such as things that keep me warm (like thermal underpants) or things that help me sleep (like my chiropractic pillow). Medication and first aid also fit in here)


I don’t want to walk around looking like I’m living out of a back pack so I want some clothes that make me feel confident and make-up that does that same. I don’t necessarily need variety, just stuff that makes me feel good. This also includes measuring cups – I may not be baking but if I’m cooking dinner and I can’t follow a recipe because I don’t have a measuring cup I end up not feeling confident in my ability to cook


There’s a couple of things that help me feel in control wherever I am. One of them is crocheting/knitting – it helps me distract my brain when it’s agitated, bored, car sick or irritated. Cryptic crosswords also give me a sense of control in a chaotic world. Caffeine is the third thing that helps me feel in control, I know all about the side effects etc but I don’t care Coke Zero and coffee both make me a nicer person. I’m not planning on packing a case of coke zero in my suitcase (OK I may have a few cases in the car with me) but I may take some tools so I can make coffee wherever I am in the world.


That means my laptop and my phone are permitted along with the appropriate power adaptors.


If I find on the road I am missing something essential then I can always purchase it somewhere. However, I’m now going to run all purchases through the above check list to make sure they fit in the categories  and then that they also fit into the suitcase. I need to remember everything I buy I have to carry. I think that should help rule out unnecessary spending.

Finally I’ve decided I need a seventh category and that is

To capture my life as a nomad. So I can look back on this time in the future.

I have plenty of years left (assuming I don’t die while pursuing my rock-star-wife dream) to bake, home make and rake (my garden) but for now I’m going to embrace being a nomad. I don’t know where I’ll be in two months time, I don’t know where I’ll be in two weeks time (sometimes I don’t even know where I’ll be in two days time). My life is an adventure and my home is wherever I lay my head at night.

I am Nomad.


15 thoughts on “I am Nomad

  1. Love it. Fantastic perspective. It’s exhausting, but the things you learn, the people you meet and the perspective you gain for the rest of your life make life in a suitcase a worthy adventure. love to you. ps don’t forget the toothbrush. xx


    1. @naomi – thanks for the words of wisdom. You are right I know (especially about the toothbrush – it fits into the categories of comfort, confidence and communication (no one wants to chat to a rockstar wife with bad breath)).


  2. Absolutely love this post!!! As someone living a semi-nomadic life I found your new resolutions inspiring 😀

    All too often I find myself thinking things like “If only I had an oven…I would make the most wonderful things” – “When will catch-ups with friends not be part of a whirlwind overseas trip?” – “I am sick of moving, packing and unpacking!” etc etc ad nauseum ;o)

    I like the cut of your jib Rock Star Wife (aka Nomad)

    KB x


    1. Hi @Kendall. It’s hard isn’t it but I reckon if we had all those things we’d probably be imagining ourselves travelling the world and meeting new people. I’m working hard on enjoying the moment and all it offers. Keep on enjoying it!


  3. Hey Alison – That’s such a wonderful turn around – it’ll all be over and gone all too soon, and perhaps one day when you have permanence, you’ll wistfully think about the good old days when you travelled around Europe baking and blogging – so enjoy every moment!
    I saw your folks the other day and told them I was following your blog, I love it…and your gingerbread recipe is delicious!
    Safe travels,
    Tracy xx


    1. @ Tracy. Great to hear from you Trace. You’re right I do need to enjoy every moment. I’m working hard on it. Glad you enjoyed the gingerbread recipe too. It’s one of my favourite recipes. Give my love to your family xxx


  4. Well done for such a great attitude! It is an exciting time in spite of the stress and upheaval and I’m really impressed by how you’re thinking of ways to enable you to enjoy it. Keep going and keep enjoying! Xxx


  5. Love your change in attitude – believe me – there are parts of me that would LOVE to be doing what you are doing rather than using the kitchenaids!! Also – 100% with you on the Coke Zero!


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