Nomad State of Mind

After last week’s revelation about being a nomad, I’ve spent this past week trying to really work out what that means for me. Certainly it means packing lighter, and having adventures and taking opportunities to see the amazing things the world has to offer, but what about my passions? My passion for baking, for creating a home, for caring for the elderly, for having coffee with friends? Where does all that fit into being a nomad? If I don’t have a base how can I create an identity?

So I’ve come up with some ideas:

1) OK so I can’t bake in a hotel room ( I have seen youtube videos on using an iron to make bacon and eggs but I don’t think that’s quite what I’m after) but I can visit bakeries. So this week I went on another cupcake crawl. I have the opportunity to sample cake and coffee around the world. I have sworn off pastry and chocolate for a month until I shed the Christmas kilos but, I can still window shop and share half a cupcake with the Rockstar. So come back soon to see the results of my latest cupcake crawl.

2) I can’t create a home but I can make wherever we go feel like my home. So I’ve come up with some awesome ways to organise my suitcase so that I know where everything is.  Not only that but rather than landscaping outside my one bedroom window, I have the opportunity to keep changing the view out my many bedroom windows. My plan from here is to take a photo from every room I sleep in while I travel. This way, rather than lamenting not having a home I can celebrate the number of different homes I’ve had. If I’d started this idea long ago, I could wallpaper a room with the photographs and perhaps one day I will.

3) I really love caring for the elderly. I’d love to be doing some volunteer work or something in that area but I realised there’s ways I can help people just by looking out for opportunities. Thinking about it I’ve been doing it anyhow. Just in the last 3 months I’ve sat in the cold with an elderly lady who had fallen over until the ambulance arrived,  I’ve helped a lovely elderly lady carry her suitcase across London Bridge, and I’ve spent two hours with a lady suffering from Dementia who had forgotten how to get home (we eventually managed to find her son but it took some pretty tricky detective work).  Yes, volunteering would be great but looking for opportunities to care for people wherever I am also helps people. (By the way this is a picture of my beautiful Nanna who I love and miss lots.

4) Having coffee with friends is hard when I’m separated from them but I need to be more grateful for Skype. With Skype I can have a coffee with my Mum even though she’s on the other side of the world. Or catch up with my friend in Spain when she has some time off from her busy schedule. Or call up my friends in the North of England and have a piece of cake at the same time as them. I just need to be a bit more organised. In the same way as I’d have to book coffee dates with friends in Australia when I lived there I need to do that now. It’s all about being organised.

 I know I sound like I’m whingeing again about life on the road but I’m really not. Sometimes though it’s hard when you going against the “normal pathway” to know where you fit in. I think I’m starting to work it out though. Anyway that’s my thoughts for now, I promise to blog about cakes next, I just need to eat a few more.


4 thoughts on “Nomad State of Mind

    1. @Alice – The window picture plan may be a little more challenging if one was say, staying in a basement. I also had to sit at our current window for about 10 minutes trying to get a bus in the shot that was in focus.


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