Ich bin sehr kalt. (I am very cold)

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Things have been busy. After repacking about 15 times we have now relocated to Germany for a while. Not sure how long but at least a month. We’re currently based in a small town in Bavaria. This is the view from our window.

I have never seen so much snow. Nor have I ever been in such ridiculous temperatures. Last night it reached -22 ⁰ C (-7⁰F).

I’m sure lots of people are used to such temperatures but I really don’t cope with this well. Yesterday I was wearing

  • 4 pairs of leggings,
  •  3 pairs of socks,
  •  2 Thermal tops,
  •  a shirt,
  • 2 cardigans,
  •  a jacket,
  • 2 scarves and
  • a beanie.

I also had a blanket on my legs and I was still cold.
However, I did not die from the cold.
So I’m hoping that now I can realise that being cold is not the end of the world and instead I need to enjoy the novelty.

This way I can enjoy things such as


Building Snowmen

And walks in the snow.

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to join the band as they travel around this winter wonderland.



10 thoughts on “Ich bin sehr kalt. (I am very cold)

  1. Your winter wonderland and your Christmas tree village,all in reality! Wow Ali, the photos are amazing and you look fabulously cheerful toboganning! Make the most of yet another experience as Rockstar Wife. You’re the best person for the task. Love you, Lee


  2. Maybe woolly bra and knickers could help keep you warm!!! We are sitting in Sydney with sweat dripping off us because it is so hot and humid. Sounds like we need to meet in the middle somewhere. I am sure this experience will be something you will dine out on for years, its just tricky to live through at the moment Keep warm and as Nanna says don’t forget your singlet.love MUm


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