Life on Tour

Sunday was the conclusion of the band’s latest tour. I went on the road with them and although the tour was only a couple of weeks I was amazed at how tiring it was. I’ve always thought being on tour with a band sounded pretty glamorous filled with champagne, fancy hotels and celebrities. The reality is a lot of time spent travelling, never unpacking your suitcase and drinking large amounts of crappy coffee at petrol stations along the autobahn.  We slept in 10 different places in the past 2 weeks and drove over 3000 km (1,800 miles). Rather than being out sightseeing the main sight I saw was this.

Our routine became to wake up and find some breakfast, drive a few hours (sometimes up to 7 hours), do a sound check, go to the hotel, get changed for the gig, go to the venue for a meal, hang out in the green room (backstage area), play the gig, chat to the audience, pack up and drive back to the hotel. Then do it all again the next day. Sometimes I got to wander around a little while as the band sound checked but there is not much time for checking out the local sights.

We did get a few hours off in Hamburg though and so we had the opportunity to visit Lake Alster. The Lake had frozen over and for the first time in fifteen years people were allowed to walk on the lake.

It was amazing to see so many different activities happening on the Lake. A little bit like “Where’s Wally” (or “Where’s Waldo” if you’re American).

It’s definitely an experience I’ll remember for a long time.

However, after having a quick drink of Gluhwein and eating a Nutella crepe we were back on the road again.

I’ve certainly found the different hotel every day thing challenging.
And touring is not quite as glamorous as I hoped however, I did get to see some cool places even out my hotel windows.

I am glad to be back in our “home town” in Germany where the view is great, the kitchen has an oven and the bakery is only a short walk away.


4 thoughts on “Life on Tour

  1. Your photos look amazing Ali, and seeing the Alster all frozen must have been so cool! Touring does sound awfully tiring though, glad you’re back ‘home’ and can cook/clean/live more normally!


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