Do try this at home (Home-made Hanuta)

When I visited Germany in high school I discovered a biscuit. A biscuit so delicious that it stayed seared in my memory.

When Rockstar and I came to Germany for meetings last year I sought it out. And then I discovered it was everywhere.

Sold in packs of 12, packs of 2 and in a mini version it has become my go-to snack.

A crisp wafer filled with Nutella-ery goodness and crushed hazlenuts, Hanuta is joy in a biscuit.

I can tell that all of you who aren’t in Germany want to try it don’t you? And I, in my desire to share the amazingness that is Hanuta, have come up with a way for you to make it at home.

It’s a little bit fiddly and not quite as good as the real thing but allows you to experience one of the flavours that I associate with Germany.

Are you ready to embrace the Hanuta experience?

You only need three ingredients to make 4 Hanutas:

Nutella – 80g (3 ounces) at room temperature
Hazelnuts (20g) (0.7 ounces)
Wafer biscuits. 4 -8 biscuits – if you can’t find wafer biscuits without filling you could use ice cream cones or scrape the filling off some wafer biscuits.

First take your hazelnuts and crush them in a plastic bag (or you could buy them ready crushed).

Then stir them into the Nutella.

Now put the Nutella mixture in a tin lined with baking paper (non stick paper).

I used a lid from a tin of Starbucks Earl Grey tea (it measures 8 x 10cm (3 x 4 inches)) but you could use pretty much any small tin or container.

Spread the mixture out.

Lick the knife if you want to (you know you want to).

Refrigerate the mixture for a couple of hours.

While it’s refrigerating you might want to eat some spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar. Maybe even the whole jar… No that might be a little too much.

Once the Nutella mix has set take it out of the tin and put it on a plate or chopping board.

Use your wafer biscuit as a template.

Now cut the Nutella mix into slices. I admit it’s not looking that appetising at the moment but bear with me.

Place a slice onto a wafer biscuit.

Then place another wafer biscuit on top.

Follow the same steps for the other wafers.


This method is quite fiddly so you’re alternative is this.

Take 80g Nutella and stir 20g hazelnuts into it.

Dip wafer biscuits straight into the mixture.

Either way this is one awesome snack.

Germany – you make a good biscuit!

12 thoughts on “Do try this at home (Home-made Hanuta)

  1. Awww…gluten-free wafer? I’m enjoying thinking about it and thankful I can’t have any. Looks delic. Replacement for Oreos or WW bars? Won’t mention points, except pleasure points – 100/100


  2. I LOVE hanuta. My aunts (whom I am very close to) went to Germany with me back to where I was born (Nurnburg) and we discovered hanuta together as well. We brought back as much as we could with us and tried to ration it so we could enjoy it every time we all could be together again. I was so glad to see someone loves it as much as we do.


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