Five Things I’ve Learnt About Sub Zero Temperatures

1) Coke Zero freezes if left in the car.

2) Check the depth of the snow before attempting to make a snow angel

3) You can make your coke Zero icy cold by leaving it in the snow (This also works for beer)

4) Snow flakes really do look like snowflakes. (Thanks to Rockstar’s Bass player for this photo)

5) Park inside if you want to find your car the next day. (The drummer from Rockstar’s band took this great shot)

6 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learnt About Sub Zero Temperatures

  1. At least you have some idea where the car is unlike loosing it in a huge shopping centre carpark. I guess if it was white though things could be tricky.


  2. You’re a clever one, Ali! My dad has lived here all his life, yet he managed to leave one water bottle (glass!) each in the glove boxes of my car as well as my brother’s car this winter. Not so funny when the bottles froze and broke.. Not a pretty sight and not fun to clear up either…


    1. @Nic – Oh Nic – that sounds like a real pain 🙂 I did manage to leave my hot water bottle in the car overnight one evening. The next morning it was an ice pack – these things still amaze me at the moment but I’m sure an exploding bottle of water would lead to it quickly losing it’s novelty.


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