When I Become a Billionaire

For a long time I’ve held this theory that when I become a billionaire my life will be perfect.

I’ll no longer lose things, I’ll always be on time, I won’t break things when I drop them,  I’ll never get tired and certainly I won’t ever get stuck in traffic.

Every time something goes wrong in my life I immediately think, if I had billions of dollars this wouldn’t be happening.

So  I decided to challenge this thinking. When I can’t find my keys I’m going to stop thinking this wouldn’t be happening if I were rich, instead I’m reminding myself to think that perhaps if I put my keys in a sensible place I wouldn’t lose them.

Now when I burn myself when cooking I’m realising that even if I was rich I would still burn myself because I’m not wearing an oven mitt.

And if I drop and break a plate, I would have dropped it, even if my bank account was huge (plus the plate could be a irreplaceable antique).

So if you notice me going on about “when I’m a billionaire”, just remind me that the laws of gravity remain the same, rich or poor.

Mind you, if I do become a billionaire the first thing I’m going to do is buy a police car so I can use my siren whenever I get stuck in traffic.

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